Water Energy, is it the Future?

Columbia Power Technologies has come out with a prototype wave energy device. It is called the SeaRay and its design allows it to take up to twice as much energy then other developing wave technologies.  The company refers to it as a “heave and surge” energy design. The SeaRay is performing beyond our expectations and tracking well with modeling predictions.
The CEO of Columbia Power Technologies, Reenst Lesemann stated, “Our task is to demonstrate to utilities and independent power producers that we can help them deliver power predictably, reliably, and at a cost that is competitive. At this stage, we are making this happen in a very rapid and capital-efficient manner.”

Two factors go towards weather or not a new energy source will be successful, the coast of energy and impact on the environment. The cost is not certain, but the envoronment is kept in tact as the buoys are around a mile or two offshore and because of the high density of power, they require a smaller footprint than most other renewable energy systems.

It will operate between one and three miles offshore and is built to stand any rough seas.  Trials will continue until Spring 2011 as this technology continues to be tested.  The company has received government as well as private funding, which let get this whole thing going, so a lot people believe in this and think that it could have an impact. The groups that provided funding include The United States Naval Facilities Engineering Command, The United States Department of Energy, The National Science Foundation, and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration & Oregon Sea Grant. The World Energy Council believes that there is a potential for a trillion dollar marine energy industry and government support stimulates the investment necessary to help make this a reality.

Here is a video which shows the SeaRay in action.

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